Book/Manuscript Editing

Our editing service is geared towards those who have great ideas and perhaps need a little help in structuring and balancing the work that has been produced. Particularly helpful for aspiring authors and novelists, with special discounted rates for self-publishers.

Of course, you may be happy with your work and only require our proofreading service, in which case you can take advantage of our 10% self-publishing author discount. You can find our prices by clicking here.


We will always give you a fair and honest critique of your work, fully understanding that you will have spent weeks, months or even years preparing your text and that it is 'your baby.' We will suggest ways in which we think improvements can be made, but it is your project and your decision as to how the final work looks on the page. You are the boss -- and we never forget that!


Editing nuts 'n' bolts


You get all of the following benefits:


  • Internal consistency -- we will look at the tone, style and voice of your work and ensure that it complies with how you want to communicate your thoughts to your audience


  • Readability -- is the text balanced and constructed consistently and within context? 


  • If you are an author, we will produce a detailed character and plot assessment and help you develop these, if necessary


  • Suggestions -- we will work closely with you to suggest ways in which you might improve your document



In order for us to assess your editing needs and the cost, please send us a sample so that we can give you a free, no obligation estimate.