We offer a very handy 10% discount to students, academics and self-publishing authors looking to get the best deal for their thesis, dissertation or manuscript proofreading.


Proofreading price comparison


For your convenience, we have compared our proofreading price structure with those of other proofreading companies, summarised in the table below. Please remember that as a student, academic or self-publishing author you will also qualify for a further 10% discount, as exemplified in the prices below for standard proofreading:


WORD COUNT              20,000           60,000             100,000+


Pro Proofreading​       £162.00          £486.00           £720.00


Company A                 £180.00          £540.00           £900.00


Company B                 £218.00          £654.50           £1090.00


Company C                 £229.80          £689.40           £1,149.00


(Source: Google, March 2016. Top three companies found that list prices on their website. Pro Proofreading prices as at May 2017).

Please follow this link for ESL proofreading & editing price examples

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