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Some useful links

* Please note: whilst we have every confidence in the third party links below, Pro Proofreading & Copy-editing cannot be held responsible for their services or comments.


Land of the First, written by Simon J Cambridge
Here are the first three books of ‘The Ixah’, the tale of the first judgement. Here is the long road of lost loves, lost lands and the terrible price of power. Here is the beginning of the end. Edited by Pro Proofreading.
Servant of Fire
Servant of Lies
Servant of Darkness
Grammourpuss proofreading course




For all your writing requirements. 



Teacher Appreciation

Teacher appreciation website with ideas and suggestions for Teachers' Day, Teacher Appreciation Week and other student-teacher occasions



UK Small Business Directory



Writers' Forum 

A monthly publication crammed full of facts and articles regarding the writing industry, which builds into an indispensable reference tool.  A real 'must' for aspiring/experienced authors and poets.



The Site Wizard

For all things 'website', a superb reference tool.