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The boring but necessary bit

Terms & Conditions


Pro Proofreading & Copy-editing would like to draw the following points to the attention of its clients:


  • All estimates are calculated on the samples and information provided by the client. On very rare occasions, the estimated price may have to be revised, in order to reflect additional and unforeseen work. In such cases, the client will be informed immediately -- prior to any work being undertaken.


  • Pro Proofreading & Copy-editing cannot accept responsibility for the validity of websites that link from this website. Their presence on this website is for clients' convenience and does not represent an endorsement of the services or products offered.


  • Infringement of copyright and plagiarism are serious offences, and Pro Proofreading & Copy-editing cannot take responsibility for any content submitted by a client. The final decision to publish all material into the public or private domain is the responsibility of the client.


  • Pro Proofreading & Copy-editing retains copyright of all content within this website. No part of this website may be reproduced, downloaded, copied or republished without the prior written consent of Pro Proofreading & Copy-editing.


  • All client information stays strictly within Pro Proofreading & Copy-editing. No client details will be passed to third parties, either verbally or electronically. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us; however, we may occasionally ask for written permission to use your details or comments to aid in the promotion of our services through testimonials etc.


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