Proofreading is an investment

Okay, so I wouldn't recommend contacting the chap above, however friendly and learned he may appear. Do not despair, though, because here at Pro Proofreading & Copy-editing you have an expert proofreader and editor who is always happy to lend a hand and help.

As the title above indicates, proofreading is indeed an investment, not only in the text you wish to submit, but also in your future educational and work career. Imagine losing out on that 2:1 you require to take you on to starting your dream job, simply because the examiner marked you down for poor grammar, syntax and readability. Imagine also a journal not publishing your article, purely because the editors feel their readers would not understand some of your arguments.

A spellchecker will only get you so far, so invest in a good proofreader -- you're worth it.

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