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ESL Proofreading & Editing

We are highly sensitive to the needs of ESL students and academics, having honed our skills and expertise over many years. We provide support that ensures your text is presented as perfectly as possible. We often do this by rewriting sentences or phrases while ensuring that the message is still exactly within the context of the original argument. We are happy to work on Word, LaTex or LyX file formats.



We apply the same knowledge, experience and grammatical rules to proofreading and editing your thesis, dissertation or article as we do to work presented by native English-speaking clients. However, one major difference is that we also very often need to interpret what you wish to convey to your reader, and this is achieved through many years' experience and dedication to getting it absolutely right for countless people. This is where our stylistic proofreading & editing service pays for itself.


That said, if there is a passage of text that is very confusing, we will always highlight this for your attention and then help you work out what you really want to say -- we assure you our service does not stop until we're sure you are completely happy.

Proofreading rates

ESL proofreading clients are treated no differently to their non-ESL counterparts, in that every piece of work is judged on its own merits, based on how much editing is required. We do charge a little extra if you fall into our 'stylistic proofreading' category, but this is just to cover the extra time required to provide you with a first-class document.


For an idea of our rates, please go to our PRICES page. For a free, no obligation assessment of your work, please click here and send us about 300 words.

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