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'Standard' proofreading rates: checking and correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling by our expert proofreader.

0 to 99,999 words -  1.25 pence per word (£12.50 per thousand words)


Over 100,000 words -  1.05 pence per word (£10.50 per thousand words)

'Stylistic' proofreading & editing rates: all the benefits of standard proofreading, plus a range of stylistic and editorial measures applied in order to do real justice to your work. Especially handy for ESL and dyslexic clients.

0 to 99,999 words -  1.55 pence per word (£15.50 per thousand words) 


​Over 100,000 words -  1.35 pence per word (£13.50 pence per thousand words)

Price comparison with competitors offering a standard, non-urgent proofreading service

Word Count                        20k             40k         100k

Pro Proofreading​                      £250               £500         £1050


Oxbridge Proofreading                        £500                  £1000            £2500


Scribbr                                                  £289                   £578             £1445


PaperTrue                                             £350                   £701             £1750

Cambridge Proofreading                     £358                   £716             £1550


Regent Editing                                      £352                   £704             £1760

(Source: Google, January 2022. Search term "thesis proofreading UK". Top five positions. Standard, non-urgent rates applied. Pro Proofreading prices as at January 2022).

And don't forget: since we started in 2005, we have NEVER charged extra for an urgent deadline!

Proofreading & editing category definitions 

What rate applies to my work? If you're not sure which service you require and would like to find out which category you fall into, please email us with a 300-word sample of your thesis, dissertation, paper, article or manuscript. We promise to give you an answer based on complete honesty, not avarice. 

Standard: not too many corrections are required. A high-quality, thorough check is made of your text in relation to grammar, punctuation and spelling. All work is returned to you in a 'track changes' and a 'clean' copy & paste version.


Stylistic: for those who might need an extra bit of help with their writing. As well as the standard proofreading service, our editor analyses, interprets and then rewrites every sentence, where necessary, with a view to presenting your work in a grammatically correct and more formalised fashion that will elevate your dissertation, essay, thesis or journal paper. For your peace of mind, great care is taken not to alter the meaning of any text -- it is simply embellishment to give full power to your arguments. All work is returned to you in a 'track changes' and a 'clean' copy & paste version.




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