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LaTeX Proofreading


A PhD thesis, article or dissertation in LaTeX document format is a powerful way of presenting your work, particularly in the scientific, mathematical and economics disciplines. Through years of experience we understand just how to handle these sorts of files, so rest assured that the typesetting of your text, formulas and equations is in the hands of an expert who knows exactly what to edit and -- most importantly -- what not to edit!  

  • Send us your .tex file (either as part of your entire thesis folder or as an individual file)

  • We will then work out an exact word count, using the online TeXcount Web service (

  • Next, we will assess your work and inform you of the applicable rate

  • Once agreed, our expert editor will go through the document, correcting text and making comments, where appropriate

  • The .tex file will be returned to you fully proofread and ready for review and subsequent printing

  • You can view any differences by using the latexdiff Perl script


Our normal proofreading and editing prices apply, and you are still eligible for our free, no obligation 300-word sample offer, just to give you an idea of what we can do for you.


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